I’m sure most of you have heard the expression “There are only two things for certain, you have to pay taxes and you’re gonna die”. Since you could technically avoid paying taxes (which I am not endorsing), I would argue that only the latter is for certain.

Hello and welcome, I am T. James Kolasa and I have been working in, supervising and or managing a cemetery for the last 22 years and I am still disheartened to learn just how little people generally know about the one thing that is for certain. Now I am aware that this subject can be taboo, “that which we do not speak of” if you will, so here is my attempt to do the talking. I am not quite sure where this is going, but my goal is to provide relative and pertinent cemetery information, provide a venue for you to ask questions and to be a resource to anyone who may need it..

As I am a Cemeterian, not a Funeral Director, most of what I will be discussing here will pertain to cemeteries and cemetery related goods and services, including cemetery monuments and headstones, mausoleum, cemetery services, maintenance, as well as lots, plots and graves. I also look forward to sharing the technology being utilized in cemeteries today for an online database, sales and mapping, and finding graves.

The number of people searching for cemetery information online has been steadily increasing as people look to educate themselves. Now as cemeteries and the rest of the “burial industry” try to catch up, there should be no reason that consumers should not be as well informed when searching for their final resting spot, as they are when looking for new furniture or flooring. They just need to be able to find what their looking for.

Let’s see where this goes.