How Does Someone Receive the Military Burial Flag

Often times, having a flag draped over a deceased Veteran’s casket and a Military Honor Guard at the funeral ceremony is the highest honor a veteran can receive, and sometimes it’s all they want. When there is a military service, the flag that is used during the service is presented to the next of kin or in their absence, a friend. The Department of Veterans Affairs has specific guidelines governing the display, presentation, folding and use of the military flag during and after the military funeral.

I have included two links for you. This first burial flag link takes you to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Burial Flag Page which contains an overview of the Burial Flag Guidelines. The second link takes you to the Application For United States Flag For Burial Purposes. This online PDF contains detailed information and guidelines concerning the Burial Flag as well as the application itself. It has been my experience however, that the Funeral Director will have the Burial Flag in time for the ceremony and therefore, there should be little to no paperwork for you to worry about. Rather, I have included these links for your information.

I hope this little tidbit of information helps you.

.Military Burial Flag

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